(Flyin' at the) Speed of Sound

from by Pete Grubbs

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When we recorded Outlaw, I couldn't play the guitar part to the tempo that I'd set for the song. Rather than take a slower speed, we moved on to a different song to take advantage of already having Von's drums set up and I promised to practice the part over the weekend so we could get the tracks cut on the following Monday. At the time, I still lived in my parents' house and made a point of practicing LOUD guitar parts when they weren't home. Some time during the next afternoon, I was standing in the living room, going around and around on the riffs for Outlaw and getting a bit bored with it all. I started noodling about and fell into the opening riff/chords for Speed of Sound quite by accident. 20 minutes later, I'd finished writing the song.

On Monday, before we cut Outlaw, I told Von and Chuck that we were adding another song to the session, played through Speed of Sound and told Von what I was looking for from him while Chuck took notes. If I remember correctly, we had the rhythm guitar and drums cut less than an hour later. I added the other parts in subsequent sessions.

For all that it was nearly 'effortless,' I've always considered this to be one of my best efforts as both writer and studio artist. I also think it's also one of the best songs I've ever written.


Oh Lord--I am so confused
And I can't see where I'm bound.
Sweet Jesus! won't You take my hand?
'cause I'm flyin' at the speed of sound.
Seems like I'm flyin' at the speed of sound.

Oh Lord--when she left me here,
That woman took everything I had.
Any time I've ever felt like this,
Well, I swear it never hurt this bad.
I can swear it never hurt this bad.

Oh Lord--it's so dark and cold,
But the night air seems to suit me fine.
Oh Lord--if You need a life,
Since she left, I got no use for mine.

Oh Lord--I am so confused,
And I can't see where I'm bound.
Sweet Jesus! won't you take my had?
'cause I'm flyin' at the speed of sound.
Yes, I'm flyin' at the speed of sound.
Seems like I'm flyin' . . .


from Twistin' in the Wind: Redux, released February 14, 2017
Pete Grubbs--bass, guitar, vocals
Von Winder--drums



all rights reserved


Pete Grubbs Brookville, Pennsylvania

I started performing music when I was 6, turned pro at 20ish & spent well over 30 years tracking down as many gigs a month as possible. While those days are behind me, I'm still making calculated noise. My music lives where rock, classical, folk, blues & parody hang out. Oddly enough, one of their favorite haunts appears to be in collections of my songs--you'll find a bit of each on every track. ... more

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