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When I grow up, I'd like to play Southern Rock as fast as Molly Hatchet.


Well I was born to be a bad boy; you could say it's in my veins.
After all these years I haven't found a reason to try to change.
I was born to get in trouble; I was born to live in strife.
I was born to be a rebel and an outlaw all my life.

Now, livin' on a knife edge ain't the way that most men thrive,
But an outlaw courts disaster, it's just the way he stays alive.
He'll pull the devils whiskers; he'll spit in Ol' Nick's eye;
He'll stare him down and say, 'Old son, today's a fine day to die.'

Well, I've seen the Reaper grinnin' and I've felt his ice-cold breath.
I've stared into the empty wells that mark the eyes of death.
I've cheated him a dozen times and I know that bastard's sore,
'cause before I die, he knows that I'm gonna cheat him a dozen more.

Well, I know that Jesus loves me, and I know I love Him too.
If Jesus loves me, baby, is there a chance for me and you?

Well, this life might be a hard one but I guess it's just my style.
I'll put the pedal to the metal and roll on for another mile.
I don't know where I'm goin' and I'm not sure if I'll be back.
I'd love to take you with me 'cause I love you babe and that's a fact.
But I'm leavin' in the mornin' so hush now doncha cry,
'cause I was born to be a rebel and an outlaw 'til I die.


from Twistin' in the Wind: Redux, released February 14, 2017
Pete Grubbs--bass, guitars, vocals
Von Winger--drums



all rights reserved


Pete Grubbs Brookville, Pennsylvania

I started performing music when I was 6, turned pro at 20ish & spent well over 30 years tracking down as many gigs a month as possible. While those days are behind me, I'm still making calculated noise. My music lives where rock, classical, folk, blues & parody hang out. Oddly enough, one of their favorite haunts appears to be in collections of my songs--you'll find a bit of each on every track. ... more

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