Love in a Bottle (2017)

from by Pete Grubbs

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Bonus Track One


Shipwreck sailor puts a note in a bottle--tosses it into the sea.
He's workin' to survive, tryin' hard to stay alive,
Gotta get back to his wife and family.

Now there's a girl with no name and no real claim to fame
Who's doin' pretty much the same thing.
Except her note stays on the sand;
Bottle stays in her hand,
When the music kicks in, she begins to sing.

Oh, she's findin' her love in a bottle.
She'd rather have a snakebite and a beer.
It might seem kinda sad, but she says it ain't so bad,
Guess she'll worry 'bout it sometime next year,
If she makes it that far.

Now, lately it seems, I've been forced by extremes
To exist without a feminine touch.
And I'll have to admit, I don't like it one damn bit,
And, brother, that ain't sayin' too much.

By my definition, the human condition,
Should be two together, not one alone.
But the one that I love, that I still can't rise above,
Must figure I'm better off on my own.

So I'll find me some love in a bottle,
Set me up with a shot and a brew.
I don't want to feel no pain, to bleeding hell with all the strain,
I'll sober up in a month, maybe two.

Yes, I'll find me some love in a bottle.
It can't get any worse than it is.
Just fill me up a tall glass, that'll knock me on the grass,
And make sure that it's got plenty of fizz.

Now I've found my true love in a bottle.
I'd rather be hung over than blue.
And I can't really say where the lady is today.
Oh, dear God! I just don't know what to do.


from Twistin' in the Wind: Redux, released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Pete Grubbs Brookville, Pennsylvania

I started performing music when I was 6, turned pro at 20ish & spent well over 30 years tracking down as many gigs a month as possible. While those days are behind me, I'm still making calculated noise. My music lives where rock, classical, folk, blues & parody hang out. Oddly enough, one of their favorite haunts appears to be in collections of my songs--you'll find a bit of each on every track. ... more

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