Twistin' in the Wind​(​1991)

from by Pete Grubbs

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Chuck always said that this song was the 'most commercial' thing I'd ever written, so we pushed hard to get a final mix of it done for some song contest I'd become aware of. I don't remember exactly how many days we had to finish, but the deadline was insanely tight and I came down with a horrendous cold or 'flu that stopped up my head and left my throat feeling scratchy. I was still sick when we'd finished all of the instrument tracks and nothing was left but the vocals. I undertook 'Extreme Cigar Therapy' (which meant that I chain-smoked as many cigars as I could huff through all the while drinking as much Coca-Cola as I could hold--the idea being that if I made my body as toxic as possible, any self-respecting virus would vacate rather than staying on). I don't remember a lot of the recording session--ECT has a tendency to wear away short-term memory--but I can tell you that I was feverish and exhausted, so much so, that I'd lay down on the floor of the vocal booth while we listened to playbacks and then struggle back to my feet for the next take. I also remember, at the end of the night, Chuck laughing at me and saying, 'You'll never be able to get that sound again unless you're DYING.' After the hard work and sacrifice, we did get the song out the door in time for the contest.

We didn't win.

Chuck was right about my not being able to sing the song in the same way, too. Not only am I healthier, but my voice has dropped from a Tenor 1 to somewhere around Baritone. This is one of the reasons I decided to do a new arrangement of the song several years ago. I also wanted a copy to play again since I didn't have one from the original sessions. When I decided to do this project, I dusted that recording off, made some adjustments and brought it to its current state. It's rather different from the first effort, but it works for me--your mileage may vary.


I buried all my heartache.
I kept it hidden deep inside.
I told myself that I was happy,
Even though I knew I lied.

You brought you light into my darkness,
And I thought you'd set me free.
Like a fool I let you near me,
But then you turned your back on me.

You've got me hanging by my heartstrings.
You've got me on the ropes again.
You crushed my hopes and then you left me here:
Twistin' in the wind.

I wasn't looking for a lover,
'cause I'd accepted life alone.
And I found that I could make it,
Hiding in a heart of stone.

I don't know why you came to hurt me;
I never did a thing to you.

And now I don't know what to do.

You've got me hanging by my heartstrings.
You've got me on the ropes again.
You crushed my hopes and then you left me here:
Twistin' in the wind.


from Twistin' in the Wind: Redux, released February 14, 2017
Pete Grubbs--bass, guitars, vocals
Von Winger--drums



all rights reserved


Pete Grubbs Brookville, Pennsylvania

I started performing music when I was 6, turned pro at 20ish & spent well over 30 years tracking down as many gigs a month as possible. While those days are behind me, I'm still making calculated noise. My music lives where rock, classical, folk, blues & parody hang out. Oddly enough, one of their favorite haunts appears to be in collections of my songs--you'll find a bit of each on every track. ... more

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